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West Sussex School gets Grape Big Help!

The biggest amount raised for them ever.

When a primary school needs a new Library, who do you call? Ghost or Grape busters? 

When London's Uber cool Club needs a hand to heal hearts...

The wine world says yes!

Heroes need help

We salute them.

Without our heroes many children would suffer, we felt it right to help.

40 more happy children thanks to The Grape Foundation...

We recently choose Fulham Primary School in London as a school that really deserved a helping hand. The many of the children at the school are shall we politely say very much in need of our support - and now they have recived it.


The Grape Foundation has made a major contribution to the school to fund their Summer Holiday. The Holiday is a learning/fun experience and we are very glad to haved helped 40 of the children to take this valuable trip. Here is what there head teacher had to say to us"


Dear Paul and the trustees of the Grape Foundation,


Many, many thanks for your kind and generous donation for our annual year 6 school journey which we have now received. Your donation means that all children in the year group (up to 42 children) should now be able to have access to this opportunity.


Many of the children have never  been outside of London and experienced other environments, or communities. Most have definitely not visited a farm or had the opportunity to work on one.


Your donation has meant that they will now have these experiences. This is not even mentioning the benefits of experiencing a trip away from home encouraging independence and improved self-esteem, the benefits of working as a team with your classmates and getting to know the staff  in their classes much better than they could at school.


The children always come back from school journey as a much more cohesive group, with improved life skills, more mature, and ready to undertake the task of getting ready for their year 6 SATS and ready to progress in their learning.


The children are keen to say thank you to personally, so please expect to receive some letters in the post soon.


Once again, many thanks for helping the children who attend Fulham Primary School, you have made a great difference to us.


Kind regards,



Leesa Schooneman


We have just made donations to these two great charities... More to follow.


America is a big place and when children get sick, the right help can be a long long way away. We are making our donation specifically to help the familes of the children with cancer with the cost of this travel. We hope that it makes a horrible journey just a little easier.



The Grape Foundation is happy to announce that we are making donations to Association REVES in France and Alex's Lemonade stand in America. Reves gives very unwell children the chance to have a 'Dream Holiday' and very much hopes that it is not there last. We chose to support this activity due to the smiles it creates for children. So here we go!


Théo wishes to stay in London - done! Stephane wishes to go to Disneyland Paris -done! Lucy wishes to go to Disneyland Paris -done!Florian wishes to go to  Disneyland Paris - done! Zayneb wishes to stay in London - done! Merry-Anne rêve d'aller à New-York - done! Camille wishes to go to  Disneyland Paris -done! Hugo wishes to meet  Zlatan Ibrahimovic (PSG) - done! Constance wishes to swim  with dolphins - done! Nina wishes to go to Disneyland Paris  -done!


For Monty. 'Rest now child, rest in beautiful peace, rest now child, until next we meet. '

'We make a living from what we get. We make a life from what we give'.

Meet the whole team at Bettane & Desseauve our partners in France. We want to thank Michel and Thierry for there continuing support, truly amazing and generous and... we want to highlight the unsung hero in our eyes Mr. Denis Stevens. Denis has put so much into the Grape Foundation over the last six months he truly is our current 'Grape Big Heart'. Denis, thank you!

Please meet the whole team that are 'Alex's Lemonade stand'. We are very proud to have supported this wonderful charity who do so much valuable work. The team have this to say to us all 'Paul and Friends, Thank you so much for the exceptionally generous donation to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for childhood cancer. Just in the last two weeks, we have lost two of our Heroes (children with cancer) and we feel we cannot work fast or hard enough to find cures for the brutal disease.  Support like yours encourage us that we are not alone in the battle to cure all childhood cancers; like our founder, Alex Scott, believed. Thank you and take very good care.'

Paul Anthony Gidley founder of The Grape Foundation presenting our donation to Luke at University College Hospital London.

Stay in touch with us...

Please just click on this link and send us an email, all we will ever tell you about is what's going on where and who we have helped. Please register with us on




Meet Gerald his wife and daughter Roma...


Gerald and his family live in the village ravaged by the Tsunami in 2001. Unfortunately their village has not really changed since then except the repairs the village has made themselves to their homes and the eight foot wall the government have built between them and the beach. To be honest, not the ideal solution for a group of people that historically have made a living from the sea. Gerald is a TUK TUK driver and a devotee of the local church of St.Joseph. His daily earnings of around 5 GDP are what this family of three survive on.


Roma is a wonderful, smiling, happy little girl, a real pleasure to be around and as such, we are all going to help her. more to follow...


We want to thank every supporter of the Grape Foundation - we can think of no finer place to do it than in the pages of the World of Fine Wine. Please look out for the December issue and hear our biggest of Thank You's within.



'We are proud to be a part of this noble cause, a cause that directly echoes the principles of The Primum Familiae Vini'.


Christophe Brunet - Ambassador.   










United Kingdom Wine Consultants is proud to support The Grape Foundation.


to see how we may be able to support you! 

The reason we started should never be forgotten.

For every case of wine we produce as an industry, there is a child somewhere in the world without a smile, without a meal, without a mother or father, without love. This should never be.

The Grape Foundation is our foundation, the whole wine world working together to put smiles on the faces of children that need it, to put food into tummies that are without it, to save a life where we can. What could be more important?


The drinks industry and indeed wine is often given negative press due to its misuse and even abuse, but we know how loving, close and caring most wine communities are.  Wine is made following centuries of tradition of people working together, tirelessly; to achieve something they are really proud of. 


The Grape Foundation was formed to reflect these positive sentiments and demonstrate how, as an industry, we really do care both about what we do, each other and, of course, children in need.


Please join us and raise a glass to what we can achieve together in 2014



By Joining the Grape Foundation whether you are an organisation or individual, you send a very clear message about you, your brand or label, and it is that you care about the social and financial difficulties of children and, you want to do something about it.


In simple terms it states clearly that you care. And that says a great deal about you and your businesses admirable ethics.


By Joining The Grape Foundation you help us to tackle many of the problems facing children in today’s society and you help us create laughter and smiles too. The Grape Foundation gives us all the chance to hold hands and work together for the good of others and ultimately to show the world how the Wine industry cares like no other.


We are The Grape Foundation, We are the Wine Industry, We care.

Become an Ambassador like Dominique.

M. Dominque De Marville - Grape Foundation Ambassador.


The Grape Foundation is a co-operative, run by the ambassadors from around the wine world who represent their country or region.  All of the the people and companies that add value will be featured and named within all press coverage wherever that might be around the world. At the events, everybody who has contributed will be featured and notably thanked.  And importantly, all members can nominate children for our support.


To join The Grape Foundation is very easy and as it commits you to nothing at this time, consider it a simple pledge to assist in whichever way you choose in the future.


All you have to do is email and in return we will send you your member details and you very own email address. This address will ensure that at every step of the way, in whatever we do, you will be kept informed and able to comment and contribute. PLEASE, email us today to get your email address, it could
turn out to be the one you are very proud of.

The Grape Foundation thanks!

The whole families of the best privately owned vineyards in the world. The PFV and...

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