Frequently asked questions.

             What is the Grape Foundation?

The Grape Foundation is a unique Children’s foundation that benefits children throughout the wine making world exclusively.


             Who is the Grape Foundation?

The Grape Foundation was formed by three people and now has many more assisting. The original founders were. Ms. Johanna Wilson. Mr. Paul Anthony Gidley. & Mr. Denis Stevens. The Grape Foundation is growing daily and all new contributors of any form will be posted on our website.


             Why are you doing this?

We work within the Wine Industry, we know what a great society we are, we believed and still do that people can come together to help others less fortunate. We want to make this an industry initiative to give it the power to help it should have. Ultimately we (the founders) want to do what we can to help those children around the world that need it.


             How does the Grape Foundation raise money?

The Grape Foundation receives wine and valuable gifts from all and any persons in the wine industry. The Grape Foundation then auctions these gifts to raise   money which is then given to our chosen causes.


              How is the money given to children?

The money is given directly to those in need via direct application to the foundation and it is also given to chosen children’s charities.


             How is the money shared around the wine making countries?

Each new event will be in a new wine making country. The country the event is in will receive 50% of the raised money. The remaining 50% will be split among the remaining wine making countries.


             Who chooses who gets the money?

In each country there is or will be an ambassador, it is mainly their responsibility to choose where the money goes so long as it is within the ‘disadvantaged children’ remit. We are considering a guide-line for this at this time.


             How much of the raised money goes to charity?

The Grape Foundation guarantees that no less than 9 pounds in 10 of the raised money will be available for the Children.


             Will this always be the case?

Well, as the foundation grows as we hope it does it will perhaps need more full-time staff. At this time the Ambassadors will have to vote as to whether it is prudent to spend some money on staff and whether this will help raise more money.


              How do I help or make a donation?

This is simple, just email us and we will give you all the help you need.

 What is the ultimate goal?

To create a Wine Industry Children's foundation adopted by every wine maker and worker in the world. For it to be known that The Grape Foundation is ' The Whole Wine World Working Together'

We make a living by what we get - We make a life by what we give...

How the Grape Foundation began.

While at the magnificent Château Mouton Rothschild dinner earlier this year, the bud burst happened.

A group of notable wine folk drank and became merry, only (and perhaps unusually) the subject of Charity was the core of conversation.

There was a rather rapid assemblage of ideas and indeed support for something to happen, something new, something we all had a hand in, something will all believed in. - It was shouted across the table ...

"If every sponsor of a table here, gave the wine they are serving to our new charity, imagine the good that could be done"

The Grape Foundation was born.

Ms. Johanna Wilson. Rider, Writer & Publisher - World of Fine Wine Magazine.

United Kingdom Grape Foundation Ambassador

M. Denis Stevens - Grape Foundation Ambassador.

           Mr. Micheal Edwards

Mr. Jon Wyand. Grape Foundation Ambassador and Photographer.

France's most prolific and respected wine critics Bettane + Desseauve are on board with their full support for our first upcoming gala event.

Capo di Stato

Tom Cannavan

A Man of great taste it cannot be denied, The MW most magnificent Mr. Tim Atkin now follows our Foundation

Mr. Mick Hucknall

Paul Anthony Gidley


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