What does your donation or bid achieve?

We are proud to announce the Grape Foundations 'Make a Wine Maker' initiative.

At a certain stage in life, children and young adults are forced because of money difficulties to choose to depart from further education. The Grape Foundation would like to ensure that for some lucky young people that this is not the case. Our 'Make a Wine Maker' initiative is aimed at young boys or girls that would like to attend college and indeed pass through all the education stages to begin a life in wine making. The education of a modern winemaker is a detailed and lengthy path; we intend to ensure that the path for our lucky few is not blocked due to lack of funds.


The Wine community has given so generously to The Grape Foundation and we could not think of a better way to say thank you than to support the next generation of skilled wine makers. We will be announcing more on this initiative at The London Event Grape Foundation auction.

From time to time everyone needs to escape and for certain children this is certainly true. The Grape Escape Adventures are the answer to this from The Grape Foundation.


The Grape Escapes are strictly supervised holidays for children who else might not be able to have one. They are designed to take children away from their daily troubles and introduce them to fun and adventure. There of course will be a little learning too.


The Grape Escapes are a new initiative from The Grape Foundation and more on this will be announced on the night of our auction.

Who else the Grape Foundation Supports.

The Grape Foundation is a Children's foundation; all funds raised go exclusively to children in need throughout the wine making world with specific interest in wine making regions. We run a direct application programme and donate directly to charities the board agree upon. Our programme is designed so that we may maximise the amount of money that is delivered to children in need.


Specific areas of interest to the Foundation are.


1. Children's Health.

2. Children's Learning.

3. Children's Happiness.


Our interest in children's health is perhaps obvious and any private organisation that works for charity without profit may apply for funding.


Our interest in learning is based on the amount of children who do not have access to proper education. Whether the child requires special needs learning or not we again urge any individual or organisation to contact us.


Our interest in enjoyment is based on the amount of children without a smile. Whether its disabled or disadvantaged activities, so long as the intention is to bring joy, please feel free to contact us.


Examples of Charities outside of our direct application program

that we hope to support in the United Kingdom and beyond are:

Please dont be afraid to conntact us, we are here to help and all matters are totally confidential...

It really could not be easier to apply for help and we promise never to ignore you.


Just simply use the direct contact details below and tell us how and why we could and should help.


The Grape Foundation was created to do just that.


please email: application@thegrapefoundation.com

How the Grape Foundation began.

While at the magnificent Château Mouton Rothschild dinner earlier this year, the bud burst happened.

A group of notable wine folk drank and became merry, only (and perhaps unusually) the subject of Charity was the core of conversation.

There was a rather rapid assemblage of ideas and indeed support for something to happen, something new, something we all had a hand in, something will all believed in. - It was shouted across the table ...

"If every sponsor of a table here, gave the wine they are serving to our new charity, imagine the good that could be done"

The Grape Foundation was born. 


Ms. Johanna Wilson. Rider, Writer & Publisher - World of Fine Wine Magazine.

United Kingdom Grape Foundation Ambassador

M. Denis Stevens - Grape Foundation Ambassador.

           Mr. Micheal Edwards

Mr. Jon Wyand. Grape Foundation Ambassador and Photographer.

France's most prolific and respected wine critics Bettane + Desseauve are on board with their full support for our first upcoming gala event.

Capo di Stato

Tom Cannavan

A Man of great taste it cannot be denied, The MW most magnificent Mr. Tim Atkin now follows our Foundation

Mr. Mick Hucknall

Paul Anthony Gidley


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